Mercury retrograde is hype…

#Astro -Mercury retrograde -is hype 😬
Check where the Mercury is in your natal chart before panic !!its amazing for many , and for those it isn’t , it just says focus on process , and take time to think things through


Pisces – September 2017

New emotional beginnings for Pisces in September. You’re feeling good about your work and decide to go ahead and get better. Some relationship advice for those of you who feel you’re not happy.

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Aquarius – September 2017

Aquarius begins the month with criticisms; I tell you how to manage the situation so that you can perform at your best. Some relationship advice for those of you who might have to have a dialogue with your partners.

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Sagittarius – September 2017

The optimistic Sagittarius hits success and achieves their targets this month. My advise: don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Also, some relationship advice for the flying Sagittarius this month.

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Scorpio – September 2017

Work is good for Scorpio in the month of September. You’re almost getting there. I have some advice for you on the relationship front, however, where you might have been feeling a little uneasy of late.

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