Aquarius – August 2017

You might feel overwhelmed because you’ve taken on multiple tasks at one go. I do not tell you to cut down on work, but I do suggest ways in which you could be successful. Love life might feel in the doldrums.
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Capricorn – August 2017

Lots of stress in the month of August and big decisions to make in your life. These might be about work (do you need to ask for a raise?) or your personal life (are you being taken for granted?). Click on the link above to find out more.

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Sagittarius – August 2017

Another optimistic month ahead. However, I tell you how to break the monotony. Are you interested in checking out what job prospects are available in the market? I tell you whether you should consider floating your CV around.

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Libra – August 2017

You’re trying your best to charm your way ahead but aren’t very successful. I tell you how to overcome this block. Do not think that you’re doing something wrong.
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Virgo – August 2017

You’re a bit upset this month because you need your space to figure things out. I tell you how you can manage this while balancing your work commitments. I also tell you how to manage people who might be bothering you.
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