Aquarius – December 2017

Aquarius finds new work and work-related travel in the month of December. You’re enjoying yourself too which is a good sign. End the year on a jackpot with the project that you have your eye on!

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Aquarius – September 2017

Aquarius begins the month with criticisms; I tell you how to manage the situation so that you can perform at your best. Some relationship advice for those of you who might have to have a dialogue with your partners.

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Aquarius – August 2017

You might feel overwhelmed because you’ve taken on multiple tasks at one go. I do not tell you to cut down on work, but I do suggest ways in which you could be successful. Love life might feel in the doldrums.
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Aquarius – April 2017

You’re feeling a little out of sorts because there’s far too much work. You need to be calm to able to take decisions about your professional life. I have some advice for you and think you’ll do really well.
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