“Today’s sinner is…”

“Today’s sinner is tomorrow’s saint ,) “said Maasi ,) forgive all
I looked at her with amazement ,) what is she made off 😊 ❤️??


Speaking to this, heart patient early morn…

Speaking to this ,heart patient early morn, over the phone she whispered ” actually there were two people I hadn’t forgiven , so this heart situation 😊
I said ” you sure two ??”‘
She said ” actually three , your right , I have forgiven them now ”
I ,re assured her , ” nobody is worth your anger , your resentment , it’s too strong an emotion , use it to conserve , preserve , prosper, move on , in every way ”
She decided to learn, never too late to reverse a bad health situation , keep your heart, open and free

Have you tried forgiving your so called enemy?

Have you tried forgiving your so called enemy ??
Have you ever tried understanding it from his / her way …
Have you ever known what the lesson was ??
And, have you ever realised you’ve chosen them 💝
Grudges and hatred, and a bad attitude can kill ..
And, yes there are some mean people out there ..
But, the fun in forgiving them ,is amazinggggggg