Wisdom is…

Wisdom is in knowing who your friend is
-and who is not


Being careless about your relationships..

Being careless about your relationships in life with your family ,friends and people you know , leads to loss of love , friendship and creates negative energy , brings disharmony ! There is no bad Saturn ,and Krazy Mars involved ,) get responsible . Value people !!

After we die…

After we die , and zip out of our bodies , we will all be in another realm , where we will see all
Our friends, enemies lovers, manipulators, nut cases , and all else on one platform . We are all one , you will see know ,look ,and experience ,)
Give up the war ….
Enjoy your life 😍

I’ve realised in my long life…

I’ve realised in my long life that people who hurt you , say mean things to you , Betray you ,play games with you , use you , rob you , hate you , are your true friends , they have a sacred contract with us , to wake us , to teach us , to persuade us to gain strength, from our own selves and love ourselves to a point , of aligning ,us to all we desire on earth 😊😊

You know you need a whip when

You, know you need a whip when the man you love, is on a dating site hunting openly 👹👹
You know you need a whip , when your on a diet , and you find that everytime your out with a pal, he /she keeps suggesting chokolate 👹👹
You know you need a whip , when from an inspiration , you turn viral , and everyone starts kopying you and your style 👹👹
You know you need a whip , when people delete you and block you like it’s a capital punishment 👹👹
Ha ha ha like who Kares 🎈🎈😜😜😜