Gemini – December 2017

Gemini needs help from other people this month and I tell you how to do that without appearing desperate. End the month with travels.

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Gemini – September 2017

Gemini has moved themselves out of the inertia of rest that they were in last month and find themselves rejuvenated. I give you advice on what to do to be better in your social interactions.

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Gemini – August 2017

This is a month of trials and challenges. I tell you what you will learn from these trials so that you have a smoother ride ahead. If you face a stumbling block in your love life, I tell you what you need to do.
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Gemini – April 2017

You’re focussed about your work but you’re wearing a frown because you want perfection. I suggest a tip which can help you achieve success in your project.

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