Everybody loves a gift…

Everybody loves a gift
Gift someone you love today ❤️ just like that


Thank you for taking.

Thank you for taking 😊
Sometimes you can stand at siddhi Vinayak and distribute big laddoos and think your great ,)
All the people, who privilege you, by accepting what you give, is bigger greater and happier ..

When I first began to…

When I first began to write my columns back in 1998.. Around 2002 I had an issue with an. Editor , who use to mock at me , and call me ” preacher ” and it was supposed to be a bad word 😊😊
It’s a huge gift , to be given the job of a preacher , I sent that editor to the jungle , he bows works for nature conservation at a very high post 😊😊
God sends you where you belong
Trust !! 😁😁