Good energy please…

Gosh !! Good energy please , happy harmonious , non controlling and positive and abundant only ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


What’s the definition of a good soul?

What’s the definition of a good soul??
We are all one good soul , in another realm , were simply loving energy …it’s great to remember that to be empathetic and compassionate ,) and then we’re in a body , with a personality, and an ego , and many lessons to learn , and one of them will be , that on this realm , you can choose, to be with the ones you desire , the ones that are conducive to your happiness harmony and growth 😍 only !

“Please pray for my uncle…”

Please, pray for my uncle who’s dying I’m very worried , I can’t sleep , and by the way did you pray for my property deal , that I get that case and that money and that person , and that power?????????? and that praise 😊
I thought of God smiling ..
Meditate , all in balance money, abundance peace harmony laughter love .. Get it all