Aries October 2016

Β Lots of travel on the cards, although Monisha does have a health advisory for you. If you are in love, the cards have some great news for you! There is good news even if you are single, although you do need to do a little reassessment.


When you keep a hurt…

When you keep a hurt and grudge in your heart ,) it affects your complexion , hair , health , energy , and opportunities πŸ’—
Forgive …
Make that call , reach out
Understand !
Be wise
Stay happy and light

I’ve spent many hours and days…

I’ve spent many hours, and days and months cracking it for people , someone wants a husband, and someone wants good health and someone wants peace , others money , the list is long ..I’ve sat with helpless single crying women , showing them the ways, who did not bother to send me their wedding card , after they finally cracked it and found their mate ,) to realise , that I am simply a channel , to be tapped when in trouble ,)
I either, look at it as a compliment and give my best , or feel resentful and feel uncomfortable ..
What, I choose makes me ,) πŸ’•nothing and no one else 😊and the same goes for everyone else in a position to serve and help πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•