Small acts of kindness…

Small acts of kindness are collected, by the universe
They are called good karma
They help you in darkness , they are the torch


One rupee extra…

One rupee extra to all those you owe money too ❤️
Stay high on good karma , get yourself a fabulous present and future

I see people saying…

I see people saying it,I read it , it’s very big and supposed to be Kool to say ” karma will get back ” ” karma is watching you ” ” karma is a bitch ” wow !!!
The very thought , that someone should pay or will pay or must pay for something they did , say or be is alarming and how !!!😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
I’m thinking, the universe and the Gods, in heaven must cringe 😊💝
What you wish for others happens to you 💝
Look at your life , you will know it