Kindness is not rare…

Kindness is not rare ….
Look for it within you …..
And ,then work at it every day in every way


48 hours back in the bay…

48 hours back in the bay , outside a restaurant catching up with school buddies ,) Street kids asked me for ” dal chawal ”
Bang !! Back to reality ,) and loving it , we live in a country where there is starvation . Rs 50 a plate , chicken rice and chapatis , outside -A1bakery , for years now ! Feed those selling , begging , street kids once in a while !

My maid has walked in…

My maid has walked in with fish curry for me , after ten days , after I fired her , and told her to leave me alone ❤️
What an amazing person , her” let’s make up gesture ”
Just when I was so upset , just when there was no dinner , and just when I stopped believing in kindness

People are so used to being used…

People ,are so used to being used , they have an issue with kindness shown , they often mistake it for over availability or foolishness ,) it is sad , the ability to recognise people who care for you , for no reason is not entertained in our society or even accepted ,)
Amazing 💝
When, there are many who are good people simply koz they are good ! 😊 be good , attract good , believe in the good , and that’s all you will receive

Sometimes when you’re battling…

And sometimes when your battling with an impossible situation , a wish made by someone for you , without a purpose , could save and bring success to your boat 😊
You never know which kind deed ..did it all
Bring the kind deeds up simply ..koz kind is Kool 💝

Will I get what I want??

Will I get what I want ??
Ofkourse you will
Love your enemies , be kind to people who help you , keep the faith in the darkness , and ofkourse stay off comparing yourself to others 😊
Rejoice, every moment in being kind to all
You will get what you want 😍