Small acts of kindness…

Small acts of kindness are collected, by the universe
They are called good karma
They help you in darkness , they are the torch


48 hours back in the bay…

48 hours back in the bay , outside a restaurant catching up with school buddies ,) Street kids asked me for ” dal chawal ”
Bang !! Back to reality ,) and loving it , we live in a country where there is starvation . Rs 50 a plate , chicken rice and chapatis , outside -A1bakery , for years now ! Feed those selling , begging , street kids once in a while !

My maid has walked in…

My maid has walked in with fish curry for me , after ten days , after I fired her , and told her to leave me alone ❤️
What an amazing person , her” let’s make up gesture ”
Just when I was so upset , just when there was no dinner , and just when I stopped believing in kindness

People are so used to being used…

People ,are so used to being used , they have an issue with kindness shown , they often mistake it for over availability or foolishness ,) it is sad , the ability to recognise people who care for you , for no reason is not entertained in our society or even accepted ,)
Amazing 💝
When, there are many who are good people simply koz they are good ! 😊 be good , attract good , believe in the good , and that’s all you will receive