Leo – September 2017

Leo has decided to “persuade” people about their product/service this month. I make you aware of what the outcomes might be. Be ready for a pleasant surprise this month.

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Leo – July 2017

Manifold success continues to visit you this month. I’m very happy with this, though I do tell you the one small pitfall of this kind of success that you must be aware of.
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Leo – April 2017

You’re doing very well on your journey and helping people along the way. You are about to embark on your next journey, metaphorically and literally. Enjoy!

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Leo October 2016

Leo is being very hard on themselves this month. You think you’ve been lazy in 2016. Monisha has advice for how to plan the way ahead for the rest of the year. She has some advice for to-be-married couples and also for married couples. Have fun!