Sometimes we need a little light…

Sometimes, we need a little light, to light up our souls ..
To take a break, from old patterns and raw wounds , many tears, and many more fears ..
A little light , that shines within us , proving that we are not lost , regardless and regardlessly …
We ,are not lost
We ,follow the light, slowly and surely , till we are found yet again


How do I stop the pattern I’m in to??

How do I stop the pattern I’m into to ??
By acknowledging , it’s your pattern , and now it is , your energy that is attracting the repeat button …😊
All you do is ,own your pattern and do not betray yourself , every time you feel , you are compromising your spirit with someone or something , every time it doesn’t feel right in the pit of your stomach ..with someone or something 😊
Move on in dignity and with integrity ..

I sat with a girl who got me a big box of chocolates…

I sat with a girl ,who got me a big box of chocolates , I hadn’t seen her ,for years and here she was , I do forget everything when I see chocolate, however she said ” I owed you money , I fought with you , I’m sorry here’s chocolate ” 😊I did not remember , the gift of short memory , a real saviour , we chatted , only for her to repeat her pattern.. a few months later , and this time send me some rude text , I read her text with a smile , and said to myself ” I wonder when the next batch of chocolates will come ” 😊😊😁
People will be people .. You be who you are .. Give your positive energy regardless , expect chocolates from everywhere 💕
That is life
Sweet and sweeter 💕💕💕💕

A pattern is born out of something you’re familiar with..

A pattern is born out of something your familiar with 😊
If you have been kriticised forever , it may keep happening in every area of your life , no matter what you do, to fight it ..
To understand that it is , your energy that gives permission, to that pattern is vital ….
To ,put your right hand up , and tell the Universe , ” I stop attracting that today ” is the first step 💕💕💕