Forgiveness is…

Forgiveness is , allowing yourself the freedom to move ahead in peace , without a grudge or judgement , in complete harmony with the Universe


Criticism can kill…

Criticism can kill
Peace harmony, laughter n love🎉🎉
Erode your self esteem , and drive you to silence , and the inability to express n be joyful
Think about it , when you casually criticise people 💝
What, you see in others, is after all ,an image of yourself

“Please pray for my uncle…”

Please, pray for my uncle who’s dying I’m very worried , I can’t sleep , and by the way did you pray for my property deal , that I get that case and that money and that person , and that power?????????? and that praise 😊
I thought of God smiling ..
Meditate , all in balance money, abundance peace harmony laughter love .. Get it all

“I don’t want to live long..”

“I don’t want to live long , I want to die early , what’s the point ” of a long life “my school friend always said that to me ..always the same line for years ..😳today, I spent the evening with her , she was detected with s dreaded disease …
There are others who say”
I don’t have any money , I don’t have any peace I don’t have a husband , this and that ” 🐸🐸
The power of the word is strong…….
Say positive things, or shut up and smile
Gosh 😊I’m really sad today , watching my friend wanting to live now….

Waking up to good news?

Waking up to good news ???
How do you make that happen everyday ??amidst the chaos of life
The last 10 days have been harrowing 😁
When you focus on your breath for twenty minutes , you connect with who you are , you accept your in a body , and wake up to being in the now 😊 with good news
Nothing is more peaceful
Try it 💝