Pisces – December 2017

Pisces is still having fun and enjoying themselves at work. You might have been experiencing some highs and lows because of the elusiveness of the object of your desire and I suggest a remedy.

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Pisces – September 2017

New emotional beginnings for Pisces in September. You’re feeling good about your work and decide to go ahead and get better. Some relationship advice for those of you who feel you’re not happy.

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Pisces – April 2017

You’re being told what to do by an authoritative figure and hence, are having a bit of an upheaval. I suggest you relax and spend time with family. And also listen calmly and make this month better.
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Pisces – December 2016

Good luck follows you where money and work is concerned. But you are in love and might need to step back and check if you are happy with the situation you are in. Monisha gives you some life advice on how to know if you’re doing the right thing in love.