When someone is avoiding you…

When someone is avoiding you ,) you may think that’s rude 😇
But, that’s god way of protecting you from some serious junk 👹


When Shiva calls you…

When Shiva calls you ,) he wants to tell you , that he’s your father , that you are protected , all your battles are his , and staying calm
Is the victory ❤️, after being Ganeshji’s Chamchi all my life , today was one SHIVA day 😇yet again

So much anger against ” Salman Khan “….

So much anger against ” Salman Khan ” his successes and his acquittals ???😳 I’m
Amused !!!
Surely, he’s doing something right, in the eyes of the Universe 😊! Think about it .
Or then he’s simply blessed !
My teachers always say ” The more ,someone is hated, the universe will re -compensate that person, with providing , protection, so don’t be afraid to be hated “