“I will learn…”

“I will learn it the hard way “says the mind ❤️
The soul smiles ,) and replies
“Take your time , life times if you desire “


What’s the definition of a good soul?

What’s the definition of a good soul??
We are all one good soul , in another realm , were simply loving energy …it’s great to remember that to be empathetic and compassionate ,) and then we’re in a body , with a personality, and an ego , and many lessons to learn , and one of them will be , that on this realm , you can choose, to be with the ones you desire , the ones that are conducive to your happiness harmony and growth 😍 only !

The ongoing argument…

The ongoing argument between your personality and your soul sums up your life on this planet 😊
Your personality will say ” fuck it , ” and your soul will say ” move on towards the light ”
And What you will need to do is to quieten that personality, and follow your soul , and get all you desire with perfect synchronicity , that you were always meant to get 😍😍