Pisces – December 2017

Pisces is still having fun and enjoying themselves at work. You might have been experiencing some highs and lows because of the elusiveness of the object of your desire and I suggest a remedy.

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Aquarius – December 2017

Aquarius finds new work and work-related travel in the month of December. You’re enjoying yourself too which is a good sign. End the year on a jackpot with the project that you have your eye on!

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Capricorn – December 2017

Capricorn has finally mastered the art of charm and charisma, not to forget hard work. However, you need to be discrete about some things with some people. Click below to find out more.
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Sagittarius – December 2017

Sagittarius has had enough of the mundane and decides to make a move. I tell you how this shift pans out and what you can look forward to in the year ahead.
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Libra – December 2017

Lots of shopping expenses in December for Libra! Also, I share tips on how to work along with other people to achieve a common goal.
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Virgo – December 2017

If Virgo feels that they are not getting what they are worth or justice is not being done to them at work, I have the perfect remedy for you to start attracting your worth. Wonderful advice for anybody who wants to start achieving more.
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