In the London Spiritualist Association…

In the London spiritualist association , I was declared , very self consumed and a recluse , who had no interest in interacting with people .,)
I was very very young , and one of my healers said to me one day- ” this is how you sound , this happened to me and that was so bad , and how could my dad say that , and how could my boyfriend do this and I’m so sad and I’m so over and i , me me me me me ,) , it’s all about you , do you even care about other people ???” I was horrified and hurt ,) but I changed it forever . Koz why would this pleasant , God loving , wonderful man , who helps the world lie to me …
The art of trusting your teacher/ Guru / doctor / mentor … is an art… that will change your life
Try it 💝

When I first began to…

When I first began to write my columns back in 1998.. Around 2002 I had an issue with an. Editor , who use to mock at me , and call me ” preacher ” and it was supposed to be a bad word 😊😊
It’s a huge gift , to be given the job of a preacher , I sent that editor to the jungle , he bows works for nature conservation at a very high post 😊😊
God sends you where you belong
Trust !! 😁😁