Your equation with money…

Your equation with money will determine your success ❤️
Wealth consciousness is truly a gift given ,)
In my long life , I have met people , with such an amazing attitude towards the energy of money , it makes me joyful to help , people with their last bits , invest in their talent ,with so much faith in the universe … Super success to such


People who hold money…

people who hold your money
default , cheat , fraud
will pay bigger bills somewhere else … much bigger than imagined
the universes law of averages
the energy of money abused , ,)
The Good Ganesha , will take care of it his own grand way ….

LAXMI… comes to those who..

LAXMI .. comes to those …
Who respect her …
Who know how to make best use of her ….
Who trust her ….
Who are not afraid to lose her..
Who makes sure she’s at the right place and person and at the right time ….
Who don’t use her incorrectly or lure with her …
Who knows she will come when they invite her …