My CEO said to me one day…

My CEO, said to me one day
” after doing an all Mumbai survey , we have realised,something peculiar ”
I stood smiling at him
He said ” Mumbai is divided into two parts ,Men who hate you and Men who love you ,?? I’m amazed , there’s no midway in their feelings ”
I smiled and said ” there are men who will respect a free spirited woman , and there are men who will try and kontrol her or judge her ” as long as my show is fabulous , relax and smile ..
Opinion, is a personal thing , ride high regardless 😍😍😍😍😍

Strong women got strong because of…

Strong women got strong , koz of their lives , their choices , their work and their multi tasking tasking abilities , now when did taking Kare of a man , get on that list !!!
You put it there 😊
Let him take Kare of you in every way
Be woman 😊😊😊