About Monisha

Welcome to the world of astrology, predictions, tarot, foretelling, future and more. Monisha Singh Dudaney is a well known tarot card reader and psychic based in Mumbai. A host on UTV’s Baatein Ankahi, earlier host on Zoom’s Lakeer Ke Fakeer, writer of astrology columns for Grazia, Dainik Bhaskar, Jetwings, India Abroad, Hair and many more is also on YouTube with her monthly, weekly, yearly predictions.

Predicting your career moves, helping your relationships, helping you make more money, intuitively changing your house to be more harmonious, Monisha uses tarot, crystal balls, runes, coffee and tea leaf readings to predict what lies ahead. Angel readings, past life therapy and love cards are her other measures to help you get an insight into your life.

To book a tarot reading or an appointment, write in at highpriestess.monisha@gmail.com or call on +91 9619996601


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