Observe, let go…

Observe , let go , observe, let go .. Meditate .. Exhale


In meditation, I saw this friend…

In meditation , I saw this friend of mine sending me hate thoughts ,)
Just Koz I had corrected her a -obnoxious behaviour 😇 a few months ago . ..
I opened my eyes, and called her , and wished her Diwali , asked if she needed anything 🐟
Be kind to people , who don’t like you , break that conflict energy , there should be no ego in universal United ,)

Sometimes I have a lousy…

Sometimes I have a lousy miserable day ,) I sit in meditation, and watch who’s sending me weird vibes ,) but I also watch myself ,and how I allowed it ,and then shut Windows , figure what your doing first , before you cry fire , and alter your actions immediately

Follow instructions…

Follow instructions ,)
I’m told that very often by my teachers ,)
One of them to me is ” Be less available ” ….
Wow I thought ,) that’s not okay 😊 or is it ??
Till I realised in meditation it meant ” Don’t be taken for granted ” 😊
We perceive from out past , our upbringing and our thinking ,)
We don’t spend a second thinking , what someone really meant when they talk , express or feel ..
It’s called being self consumed ,)
Be understanding , it’s only a lesson in loving yourself