Wisdom before you leave 2015

Wisdom before you leave 2015😊
Don’t chase nothing
What is yours will flow to you
What is not will only spread evil , let go 😊😊
Allow the all intelligent Universe to lead you …
2- don’t wait for karma to get back to anyone , or hope your enemy realises and regrets ,) what you wish for others automatically happens to you
3- meditate , – 20 mins on your breath , your spirit will never let you down , only soar to highest heights 😊😊


How do I stop the pattern I’m in to??

How do I stop the pattern I’m into to ??
By acknowledging , it’s your pattern , and now it is , your energy that is attracting the repeat button …😊
All you do is ,own your pattern and do not betray yourself , every time you feel , you are compromising your spirit with someone or something , every time it doesn’t feel right in the pit of your stomach ..with someone or something 😊
Move on in dignity and with integrity ..